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Tarmac Surfacing Leicester

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At D.P. Wallace & Son Ltd, we specialise in delivering top-quality tarmac surfacing in Leicester, tailored to meet the needs of residential and commercial properties. Tarmac is renowned for its durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for areas that sustain heavy traffic. Our process begins with an in-depth assessment of the existing surface to ensure that the foundation is suitable for a new layer of tarmac, thereby preventing future complications and ensuring a longer lifespan for the installation.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials, which, when combined with our advanced equipment and skilled technicians, results in a flawless finish. Our tarmac surfacing solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing but are designed to withstand various weather conditions without compromising performance.

Why Choose Tarmac for Your Driveway?

Choosing tarmac for your driveway offers numerous benefits. It is quick to install and, once laid, cools down rapidly to become usable in less time than many alternative materials. Its smooth, black finish provides a sharp appearance that complements any property style—from modern to traditional. Additionally, maintenance is straightforward; minor damages can be easily sealed or repaired, ensuring that your driveway remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Tarmac is also cost-effective, offering excellent value for money due to its longevity and minimal need for repairs. This makes it a practical choice for larger areas such as car parks and access roads where managing costs without sacrificing quality is crucial.

Tarmac Resurfacing in Leicester: Protecting Your Investment

Our tarmac resurfacing in Leicester is designed to revitalise existing tarmac surfaces that have started to show signs of ageing and wear. The process involves layering a new coat of tarmac over the old, seamlessly improving the appearance and functionality of the surface. This method is not only economical but also environmentally friendly as it recycles the existing materials.

During resurfacing, our experts meticulously prepare the base by cleaning and repairing any damage to ensure the new surface bonds correctly and last longer. We then apply the new layer of tarmac, which is carefully levelled and compacted to avoid any future issues like water pooling or cracking.

Sustainability and Efficiency in Tarmac Surfacing & Resurfacing

In our commitment to sustainability, D.P. Wallace & Son Ltd ensures that all tarmac surfacing projects are executed with an eye towards environmental conservation. We adopt practices that reduce waste and recycle materials wherever possible. Our modern machinery is designed to be energy efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of our surfacing projects.

Furthermore, our team is trained to work efficiently, ensuring that every project is completed swiftly to minimise disruption to our clients. Whether it's a small residential driveway or a large commercial parking lot, our approach is the same: deliver high-quality, durable tarmac surfacing in Leicester that meets our clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

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DP Wallace have many incredible reviews from customers for our work.

Our team of professionals have been operating throughout the local area for a number of years. Within this time they have been able to develop a reputation for their quality service and always adjusting their service to exceed expectations. Due to this, they have been able to gain many incredible reviews from their existing customers.

Kelly Morton
Kelly Morton
Highly recommended Damien and his team.
They have just completed our driveway and side patio area. The lads are great workers and have done a fantastic job.
Kristin Coleman
Kristin Coleman
We have just had our drive done and omg it's amazing!! They have done such an amazing job and also fixing little extras such as the crumbling path. Lovely friendly lads!!
Thank you so much
Val Chamberlain
Val Chamberlain

Highly recommend Damien & the team. They made a fantastic job of our garden. All was very polite & well organised. Thank you once again

Kay Burton
Kay Burton

We recently had our cubs lowered, excellent job, tidy & efficient work, highly recommended for all groundworks!

Julie Rady
Julie Rady

Very very pleased with our new resin drive which was completed last week. Profession company with excellent staff. Nothing was to much trouble. I would highly recommend DP Wallace & Son for all groundwork’s.